Module 7 - Body Language

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Body language is the conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which feelings are communicated. Sometimes saying nothing at all says so much more. When speaking, we judge whether to communicate with a person instantly by their body language and we make an unconscious decision whether to approach them. If someone is angry, you are probably not going to approach. If someone is sad, you may approach, but you also may not. If someone is under pressure, again, you may not want to approach that person. Your decision whether to engage in conversation is often made before you have even spoken.

We need to learn that we must always exhibit the best body language we can to ensure that it is correct and approachable before, during and when you leave the conversation. This helps people to understand we all actually communicate, even if we are not speaking. This is a two-way street and you will learn when is a good time to talk and when you should listen, and you need to read the person's body language to ensure that the conversation can actually take place