About Dementia Interpreters

The Interpreter Forum and the Dementia Dictionary

The Dementia Interpreter forum drives the content of the dictionary. It is a fantastic way to utilise the experience of qualified Dementia Interpreters, both professional and community based to be able to work together to translate the 'Language of Dementia'. The forum is where the discussions start as to what may be happening, what causes such behaviours, etc - working together they can decide upon a defined translation that will be published in the Dementia Dictionary. It’s thanks to committed Dementia Interpreters with such experience and our unique voting system that we can ensure definitions are as reliable as possible and will continue to develop over time.

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The community edition of the Dementia Interpreters course is available to individuals that would like to understand more about dementia specific communication and understanding how to translate the 'Language of Dementia'.  This fantastic course allows you to watch the content and the experiential training that happens in the professional course.  After the course is completed you will be registered as a level 1 community Dementia Interpreter and start to get involved in the global Interpreter forum.  Here you will be connected to Dementia Interpreters from around the world who are committed to always allowing a person with dementia's voice to be heard even if they have lost the ability to speak.

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I think it is a good experience, also new knowledge about understanding people with Dementia needs and communication
-Maria Alexandra