Learn the Language of Dementia

Help 54 million people around the world with dementia to re-connect to their loved ones!

What is a Dementia Interpreter and why take the course?

People with dementia face changes and challenges in communication as the disease progresses. In most forms of dementia, it is common that the person loses the ability to speak as they normally would, prior to the disease, and when this happens the brain finds new ways to communicate. This can be through actions, noises, behaviours, and body language and is what we call the Language of Dementia. Understanding this language is not easy. It can vary from person to person, and we do not believe one person can come up with the answers.
A Dementia Interpreter is someone who helps translate the actions, noises, behaviours, and body language into an understandable and recognised language. When you become a Dementia Interpreter you do not try to translate this alone. You will join a global network of interpreters who will share knowledge and experience to translate the Language of Dementia. By collectively sharing this vital knowledge we can help re-connect you re-connect with the people that you support.  

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Watch this short video to learn more about becoming a Dementia Interpreter. Your starting point is completing this engaging video online training course that you can complete on any device at a pace to meet your busy schedule.
Once you have passed, you will have access to the Dementia Interpreter forum to discuss the actions, noises, behaviours, and body language with the network of interpreters. Once a translation, or translations, have been accepted, these will be defined and displayed in the Dementia Dictionary where anyone can find out what their loved one is trying to say, all because of your help.

Excellent course, really enjoyed it. I will respect residents a lot more and be more understanding of their situation.
-Kerry Kendall

Course Curriculum

Learn how to better overcome the challenges of dementia

See what people say about Dementia Interpreter training

Watch this short video to see what people say after taking part in the Dementia Interpreter training program to learn more about the language of Dementia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which occupations use this course?

The Dementia Interpreter® Course is perfect for:

  • Care staff
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Families

Can I continue my Dementia Interpreter® journey

Yes, you can progress your Dementia Interpreter® journey from a level 1 to level 5. Contact us for more information to continue your understanding of the language of Dementia.

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